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About me

Me David SPRECHER is the Head of the Aviation, Transportation, and Tourism practice. With more than 25 years of expertise in civil aviation and tourism law, he advises major actors of the industry in Israel, Europe, North Africa, and the Gulf Region, such as significant chains of travel agencies, cruise companies, tour operators as well as foreign airlines operating flights to Israel according to the requirements of the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority.

He serves as a legal expert referent to prominent Knesset members in various parliamentary commissions such as the Economic Commission of the Knesset. He regularly contributes to the drafting of civil aviation legislation, including significant amendments to existing laws. He is in constant professional contact with the corresponding high-ranked officials at the European Union and the major European airlines and travel representation offices.

As a leading expert in civil aviation law, David handles complex GSA agreements, consumer regulatory issues, traffic and slots rights, and airline bankruptcy cases. A licensed European lawyer (Membre de l’Ordre des Avocats du Barreau de Bruxelles) and a licensed Notary Public, David has extensive knowledge of European and International Aviation Law.

A recognized worldwide expert in civil aviation and tourism law, David has been serving as a Senior Lecturer at prime accredited universities and business schools for more than 25 years in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Morocco, and India.

David heads the Aviation and Tourism Law Commission at the Israel Bar Association. He is an active member of IFTTA – The International Forum of Travel and Tourism Lawyers, EALA – The European Aviation Lawyers Association, and WALA – The World Airport Lawyers Association.

David is also an active member of the Pro Bono Program Israel Bar Association. He is fluent in 6 different languages: French, English, Hebrew, Dutch, German, and Italian.

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