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About me

Yaacov Garson is the head of the Litigation department of the firm. Practicing as an international litigator in Israel for more than 10 years, Yaacov considers it his top and only priority to fight for our clients in the representation of his interests, all his interest, and nothing but his interests.

To achieve that goal, we are constantly gathering great legal knowledge and expertise in every question our clients bring forward to us and thus provide reliable, honest, and instructional legal advice – in the litigation process as well as ahead of the contentious situation. Yaacov is involved, reliable, detain great legal technical skills, as well as strategic ones, in various many fields of the law. Those combined with transparency and great ethical discipline of our firm assure the client is fully served and represented.

While practicing court litigation, we believe in dispute resolution by solution-oriented proactivity and make it part of our goals to understand our client’s needs, given the legal, commercial, and personal situation he is in. Our practice areas are civil, commercial, and business litigation, including corporate law, contract law, property and real estate law, corporate and partnership disputes, bankruptcy and liquidations, labour law, and family law.

We routinely argue cases in front of a wide range of courts and tribunals in Israel, for local and foreign clients, on a broad range of affairs and subjects. In the words of our clients, Yaacov Garson is a “trustworthy, professional, and helpful legal counsel” and has a “thorough grasp of the legal nuances. This together with his integrity is a winning combination”. We believe legal representation must be made of professional legal excellence combined with no-limit loyalty and combativity for our client. 

Fluent in English, French, and Hebrew and specialized in international law (private and public), Yaacov and his team are specially designed to operate in international and cross-border contexts. We handle multi-million-dollar lawsuits, in business and corporate litigation, real estate disputes, or partnership and investment issues.

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