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The firm

Established in 1996, Grisay, Lawyers & Consultants started as a boutique law firm, specializing in EU law (competition and state aids, distribution, franchising, dumping, and customs). It also rapidly gained a loyal customer base in the textile, chemical, construction, and agricultural sectors.

From the end of the nineties, the firm became more and more involved in transnational files, notably in the MENA countries, and developed a practice in investment arbitration.

More recently, the firm has become very successful in the transportation and tourism sectors as well as in the sanctions area.

In recent years, considering that companies need more diversified advice, the firm has also expanded its activities by successfully adding consultants with managerial, financial, and fiscal competencies to its teams.

Since its creation, the firm has established a presence in Belgium, Luxemburg, France, to best serve its clients throughout Europe. With a view to developing its presence and activity in the Middle East, Grisay, Lawyers & Consultants has opened two offices in Israel.

Why should you work with us ?

Because we are a team

We are not a group of individualists seeking to solve all the problems of the world on our own. We know that each of us has different qualities, and we try to take advantage of this situation to solve, together, the problems to which our clients are confronted.

Because we have knowledge and experience

The members of our team have excellent academic records, and they have gained practical experience through many situations. But we also believe that scientific work helps to enhance the global quality of a company such as ours. This is the reason why we participate in colloquia and frequently publish books and studies.

Because we have international reach and connections

Our firm has been established in Belgium, France and Luxemburg since the early nineties.

Further, in an interconnected world, living isolated is meaningless. This is why we are proud members of ISFIN.

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