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Mariam Harouch

Law firm associate

Pasionately devoted to the realm of business law, Me Mariam HAROUCH has been an enthusiastic participant in diverse projects and associations, continually augmenting her expertise.

Throughout her academic pursuits, she made noteworthy contributions to the Triaxe+ project, offering invaluable insights into the intricacies of the medical devices industry. This experience significantly enriched her comprehension of sector-specific regulations and intellectual property law. Recognizing her contributions to the Triaxe+ project, she was awarded the highest academic distinction. Expanding on this experience, she joined a startup incubator, continuing to support the advancement of innovative medical devices.

Mariam now specializes in intellectual property law, business law, and criminal business law, leveraging her skills and passion to provide well-informed and effective guidance to clients. Her linguistic proficiency in French, Arabic, Berber, and English is a significant asset, facilitating effective communication with a diverse clientele. Currently, Mariam is an active member of the legal aid office of the Brussels Bar Association, utilizing her legal expertise to contribute to causes close to her heart. Her dedication to legal excellence, passion for the law, and desire to effect positive change in society underscore her as a devoted and determined lawyer.

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