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Océane Pierrez

Law firm associate

Me Océane PIERREZ has been with the firm for three years. As a trainee, she was able to develop the international, European and national side of the business. Drawing on her years with the firm, Océane’s priority is to fight for her clients’ interests in all circumstances.

Océane is aware that she still has a great deal to learn and is acquiring new legal knowledge every day. Thanks to her future colleagues, Océane is learning to develop her full potential. Concentrating on European and international law, Océane is also developing her skills in national litigation, practising in areas such as employment law, company law and property law.

Océane believes that the watchword in business management is pragmatism. Listening to our clients’ needs and being available are, in our view, essential to the successful management of our cases.

Océane is fluent in French and has a satisfactory level of English. Specialising in international law (private and public), Océane hopes to learn even more alongside her dynamic and motivated team.

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