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About me

Eti Avnery is a recognized authority in Israeli labour and employment law, providing extensive experience and a diverse range of expertise. As an eminent partner with the prestigious ‘Grisay’ law firm Eti’s standing in her field is undisputed. Her deep comprehension of the complex challenges facing employers and employees alike has established her as a leading legal counsel in her field.

Eti led extensive international employment transactions during various mergers and acquisitions, managed complicated litigation proceedings for high-profile technology companies, and negotiated intricate terms related to the employment and retirement of renowned executives.

Eti’s legal proficiency lies in representing employers of all sizes and industries, with a specific focus on technology companies in Israel. Her legal services extend to executives, senior employees, and consultants, encompassing legal representation in litigation and separation processes, as well as the negotiation of employment and engagement terms, such as equity, commission, bonus schemes, and other unique benefits.

Eti’s lateral approach to legal and business matters, in conjunction with her rigorous and comprehensive legal work, allows her to provide a diverse range of services while considering the needs of all parties involved in a transaction, agreement, or dispute. She utilizes innovative solutions, some of which have been the result of foresight, empathy for the parties, and “out-of-the-box” thinking.

Eti’s impressive professional accomplishments and her distinctive legal-commercial work have helped her establish an extensive international network of foreign experts and commercial lawyers. This network empowers the firm to offer complete coverage for its clients’ international employment matters, in addition to their Israeli affairs.

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